Memory of Elements – Now Noise – CD plus Digital Download


Now Noise is the awaited second album from Perth conglomerate Memory of Elements, comprised of instrumental powerhouses Jamie Oehlers (saxophones), Carl Mackey (saxophones), Simon Jeans (guitar), Tom O’Halloran (piano), Pete Jeavons (doublebass) and Ben Vanderwal (drums).


This album features ambitious new compositions from pianist Tom O’Halloran, and musically explores the notions of equality, dialogue and disquiet. The album contains moments of energetic ensemble complexity in tunes such as Two-Faced, Morph and Knotty, yet also sustained and ambient textures in the likes of Close and Someone Remembered. There are also some free-wheeling, chose-your-own-adventure style compositions from the aptly titled Plot-Branching and Soundcheck Sketches.


The music will often crescendo, rise and fall, propel forward or collectively slow down, and also take the opportunity to plateau along at voyage-tempo.





1. Someone Remembered    9:03

2. Soundcheck Sketches       7:01

3. Morph                                6:58

4. Knotty                                8:08

5. Two-faced                          8:21

6. Cinch                                  8:54

7. Close                                   7:46

8. Plot-Branching                  8:05


MoE are:

Jamie Oehlers – saxophones

Carl Mackey – saxophones

Tom O’Halloran – piano

Simon Jeans – guitar

Pete Jeavons – double bass

Ben Vanderwal – drums